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ArtBeat Radio is a potpourri of short podcasts featuring the ideas, thoughts, and creativity of adults with disabilities. ABR is produced and distributed by the students of Arts & Services for Disabled in the greater Los Angeles area. Visit to view art, learn more about upcoming events, or to download podcasts.

ArtBeat Radio Covers a song by Ryan Gosling’s ghoulish band, Dead Man’s Bones.  Because we are just. So. Hip.

Jamond is back with his take on the song that made Coldplay the biggest British band since…well, since that other big British band.

Jamond Pearson Sings the Hits: First Day of My Life

Jamond was singing this song as he walked through the door of TAP II today. Obviously, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for the rest of the world to hear his take on this indie standard by Bright Eyes. Happy Friday, everyone!

Ruben takes an opportunity to show off his rendition of the ultimate 12-string guitar jam on our newest instrument.

New Episode: The Love Song Radio Program

Cuddle up with someone special this Valentine’s Day and enjoy the Love Song Radio Program from ArtBeat Radio, where callers dedicate their favorite love songs to the ones they love.

ArtBeat Radio

—Thanksgiving Poem

Enjoy a Thanksgiving Poem, read by Ruben Camacho.

A Halloween Song!

Take a Listen to ArtBeat Radio’s cover of the new Halloween Favorite ‘Name in Stone’ by Dead Man’s Bones.  Don’t be scared!!

New Episode: Hopes and Dreams

In this episode, we examine the mysterious connection between sleeping, dreaming, hoping, and wishing.
Through song, poetry, interviews, and listener submissions, we take a look at what it means to dream, and why dreaming is important

Jamond Pearson Sings the Indie Hits: Episode 1

The first full installment of our newest video project features Jamond’s take on an indie classic. He gives this delicate song the full treatment, infusing it with a bit of his trademark Jamond-o soul and leaving you with a reminder of his true musical passion.

Call for Collaboration!!

ArtBeat Radio is busily working on a new episode all about hopes and dreams, and we need your help!  This is your chance to be a part of our podcast!  Please roll tape while you fill in the blanks of these three statements: 

In the future, I hope I _____________ .

In the future, I hope we ___________ .

In the future, I hope the world _____________ . 

We are looking for a variety of short, honest, engaging answers that need not conform to any specific idea or theme.  No answer is wrong! (Unless it is riddled with profanity or offensive language.)

Content does not need to be professional, or even thoroughly edited.  We love the organic sounds that come from your phone’s Voice Memos or your computer’s webcam.  We only ask that files be audio only.  

Submissions can be  emailed through September 3 to

Thanks, and have fun!


The ArtBeat Radio Staff